5 Ways You Can Help Hurricane Florence Victims

In the last week, Hurricane Florence pretty much decimated the Carolinas. The storm was catastrophic in terms of devastation, causing approximately 32 deaths. The massive amounts of rain falling and widespread power outages only continues to worsen the situation. Some areas such as Wilmington, NC saw as much as 40 inches of rain. Rivers are cresting at almost twice their flood levels––some areas seeing almost 60 feet of flooding.

Water can be one of the most destructive forces when it comes to natural disasters, and because of continual flooding, we still don’t have a full grasp on the reality of the damage done. The projected worth of damage is nearing $22 billion.

So how do we help? Monetary donations are the most effective method according to the Center for International Disaster Information, as the local organizations can distribute relief based on need. You should always conduct some sort of research before donating to any cause or group, so here are a few vetted organizations taking donations for relief efforts.

1. Foundation For the Carolinas This Charlotte-based philanthropy organization is currently taking monetary donations to aid the victims of Hurricane Florence. According to their website, all money donated to the fund will then be distributed as grants to non-profits in the areas most heavily affected.

2. United Way A key player in most disaster recovery efforts, United Way’s 2-1-1 hotline for assistance is a go-to for victims of widespread devastation. The organization is continually taking donations through their Hurricane Florence Relief Fund. Their website guarantees 100% of the proceeds go towards both immediate relief and support in the long term road to recovery.

3. Humane Society of South Carolina Unfortunately, in natural disaster situation that involve mandatory evacuations such as hurricanes, many families are forced to prioritize what to bring with them. Sometimes, pets do not make the cut so they’re left behind to fend for themselves. Shelters begin to overflow, leaving many pets, especially in North Carolina right now, in need of assistance. Volunteer rescue teams have been deployed all over the Carolinas saving the animals from flood waters, and they’re taking donations on their website to offset the expenses of rescue efforts.

4. SBP This foundation, originally called the St. Bernard Project, was created in New Orleans after the city was almost wiped out by Hurricane Katrina in 2006. Their mission is to reduce the time between the disaster and the following recovery. Since its founding, the organization has grown to focus nationally on large-scale disasters, focusing on the gaps between the short- and long-term efforts.

5. Americares Americares not only provides emergency medical supplies to clinics in storm-ravaged areas, but also aids displaced families in need of urgent medical care. They deliver in some of the most important supplies to the hardest hit areas, and their relief workers have been present in the aftermath of almost every major storm to hit the U.S. in the last 30 years. They are currently taking monetary donations for more health supplies.